Welcome from the Executive Dean

Just like our students, the academic staff at GSM London come from a diverse range of backgrounds and with that they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom. Meet our Faculty>

Many have spent years in industry, others are involved in leading-edge academic research, and some offer extensive experience in both areas. What they all share is a passion for education and a determination to ensure that every student fulfils their potential, in the classroom and beyond.

Key to this is our progressive, inclusive and highly supportive approach to teaching. We understand that every student has different needs and abilities, so we complement traditional lecture-based learning with an innovative strengths-based approach. This identifies what students are naturally good at and builds on these innate skills to create confident learners.

What's more, we support this strengthsbased philosophy with active learning methods: hands-on exercises and collaborative, team-based tasks that engage and inspire our students in a way that more formal teaching methods may not.

We also offer our Foundation Year programme for students who perhaps don't have academic qualifications or have been away from education for some time. This enables them to develop the study skills needed to embark on a degree course with total confidence.

Finally, we place enormous emphasis on employability and entrepreneurship. So all our degrees feature practical, career-focused learning opportunities, while resources like the Formation Zone are there to help enterprising students develop their own business ideas. At GSM London, everything we do is designed to help you achieve real-world success.

Christy Traore, Executive Dean and Deputy President

Robert Clarke
Dean of Students
For us, it’s all about unlocking potential. That’s why we offer our Foundation Year programme, which lets you access higher education even if you have no formal qualifications or haven’t studied for years.
Liz Larner
Dean of Education and Development
Active learning methods are a key part of our strengths-based approach – anything from role playing exercises to group projects like making a video. They’re a great way to engage our students and build their confidence.
Paul Moran
Director of Formation Zone
GSM London has a reputation for entrepreneurship and the Formation Zone reflects this. It’s a great resource for aspiring entrepreneurs, combining professional advice and support with invaluable networking opportunities.