Two-year degrees

Get ahead faster with our two-year degree option!

At GSM London, our two-year degree is a popular, flexible study option for students looking to get back to work and move forward with their career sooner.

  • How is a two-year degree structured?
    You will have three semesters a year, with short breaks in between. The two-year degree covers all the same modules as the traditional three-year undergraduate degree: nothing is missed out, just covered over a shorter period of time. This means you don’t get a summer break, but you will take your place in the working world a year early.
  • What are the benefits of a two-year degree?
    Students will be required to work hard, but the fast-track degree means you can get into your dream job more quickly, and start earning and climbing the career ladder ahead of other students on the three-year course. 
  • Where can I get advice on the options?
    We want you to be sure you’re choosing the right course, and the right length of study to suit you. Our course advisors are here to help you: they can advise you on course details, help you decide which mode of study is right for you, and give information on fees and loans.

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