Undergraduate HR Courses

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Human Resources is an essential part of just about every business sector and industry, enabling businesses to conduct their activities fluidly and effectively. As a result, our Human Resources programmes here at GSM London are designed with progression to management roles in mind, allowing students to develop an understanding of the role, interpersonal skills, and leadership responsibilities. Whether you are a new undergraduate, or are looking to return to University to expand your skills in order to further your career, an undergraduate HR degree is a fantastic place to start.

Human Resources degrees have a broad application within many industries. Students gain a solid grounding in business, develop management skills, and create world-class connections thanks to GSM's London location. What's more, students will learn through a mixture of live and work-based projects, all of which are mapped to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). Explore our range of undergraduate Human Resources degrees above, and begin your future career today.