Tuition Fees and Payments

At GSM London we believe a good education should be accessible to all, and we do everything we can to help students invest in their future at GSM London.

Our fees are lower than many UK universities and we can help you apply for the different types of funding available to most UK and EU nationals.

Current fee rates

GSM LONDON Undergraduate Fees Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Full-time UK/EU ££££
Accelerated with Foundation Year 08,0008,0006,000 
Standard with FoundationYear 06,0006,0006,0006,000

Please speak to the Student Hub about the tuition fees for other programmes not listed above.

Fees, Refunds and Debt policy

The Fees, Refunds and Debt policy explains how the College sets its fees and charges, when and how a student must pay these, how and when the College refunds any payment, and what the College may do when a student does not pay can be found in the Fees Refunds and Debt policy.

Every student must familiarise themselves with this policy to ensure they understand their fee liability and the College's process for collecting the debt.

Fees, Refunds and Debt Policy

DfE (the government Department for Education)

Dfe requires alternative providers to undergo annual designation monitoring as a condition of continued designation. This allows students to access support from the Student Loans Company. If this designation monitoring is not successful, students would not be entitled to funding. GSM London has been successful in achieving and maintaining designation for all its courses to date. Any updates on our designation status will be posted on our website. If you have any questions around designation, or would like to speak to us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Paying your fees

SLC Funding

See the useful guidance booklets from Student Finance England:

New full time students guide

Continuing students guide

Please note the helpful checklist on the final page of each document which you can use to ensure you have done everything you need.

Don't forget to sign and send your declaration to the SLC when you apply. If you don't, the SLC will not pay your maintenance loan to you if applied for and they will not pay your student fees meaning you will be included in the College debt collection process.

If you are eligible for SLC funding, SLC will only fund a maximum of £6,000 per year. Therefore if you are doing an accelerated course and the fees are £8,000pa, you will be personally liable for top-up fees of £2,000 due on the first day of the semester to ensure the full fee liability is met.

Important: SLC will only fund your course if you have continued good attendance throughout each semester of every year of study. Attendance and participation in class is important as it not only ensures you achieve well in your studies but the SLC may stop paying andy maitnenance or tuition fee loans if your attendance is poor. If this happens, you will be personally responsible for paying the shortfall directly to GSM London. In these circumstances, you will be included in the normal College debt collection cycle under the Fees, Refunds and Debt policy highlighted above.

It is extremely important to ensure that you pay your fees on time and in full or you will be unable to progress with your studies, you will not be able to attend your graduation ceremony orobtain your certificate until the debt is cleared. If you are experiencing any difficulties in paying your tuition fees then please get in touch with an advisor in the Student Hub immediately so we can provide you with advice and guidance.


If you are not eligible for SLC funding you will need to pay the fees yourself.

All new students are required to pay a deposit of £1,500 before induction in order to fully enrol on your course of study. You will not be able to enrol if the deposit has not been paid. The balance of fees for the first semester is payable on day 1 of the semester.

For all continuing students, your full fees are due on the first day of the semester.

Non-payment will mean that you will be withdrawn from your course of study in line with the Fees, Refunds and Debt Policy.

Our bank details

If we have agreed to take direct payment from you, please see our bank details by clicking here.

Studying past your expected end date

If you continue to study past your expected end date (e.g. for a standard 3 year degree programme, you would be expected to have finished within those 3 years.) then you will be liable for additional tuition fees.
Those additional fees may not be paid by SLC if you do not meet their eligibility requirements at that stage in which case you will be personally liable to pay those continuing fees.

Additional Charges

Charges are any payments owed to the College for services other than tuition fees. Examples of a charge are exam re-sit fees, library fines, replacement ID cards, English Language Program, replacement books, regulatory charges, field trips, or computer printing. For advice about the amounts and how to pay these charges, please contact the advisors in the Student Hub.

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