Tuition Fees and Payments

Current fee rates

GSM LONDON Undergraduate Fees Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Full-time UK/EU ££££
Accelerated with Foundation Year 08,0008,0006,000 
Standard with FoundationYear 06,0006,0006,0006,000

Please speak to the Student Hub about the tuition fees for other programmes not listed above.

Fees, Refunds and Debt policy

The Fees, Refunds and Debt policy explains how the College sets its fees and charges, when and how a student must pay these, how and when the College refunds any payment, and what the College may do when a student does not pay can be found in the Fees Refunds and Debt policy.

Every student must familiarise themselves with this policy to ensure they understand their fee liability and the College's process for collecting the debt.

Fees, Refunds and Debt Policy

Paying your fees

It is extremely important to ensure that you pay your fees on time and in full or you will be unable to progress with your studies, you will not be able to attend your graduation ceremony orobtain your certificate until the debt is cleared. If you are experiencing any difficulties in paying your tuition fees then please get in touch with an advisor in the Student Hub immediately so we can provide you with advice and guidance.


If you are not eligible for SLC funding you will need to pay the fees yourself.

Non-payment will mean that you will be withdrawn from your course of study in line with the Fees, Refunds and Debt Policy.

Our bank details

If we have agreed to take direct payment from you, please see our bank details by clicking here.

Additional Charges

Charges are any payments owed to the College for services other than tuition fees. Examples of a charge are exam re-sit fees, library fines, replacement ID cards, English Language Program, replacement books, regulatory charges, field trips, or computer printing. For advice about the amounts and how to pay these charges, please contact the advisors in the Student Hub.