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Timetable Change Request

Timetable Change Request

What is a Timetable Change Request?

If your timetable does not meet your needs due to a caring responsibility, a work commitment or a religious obligation, you may apply to have it changed. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to change your timetable, but if another class exists at a time which fits your availability, we will reassign you to that class.

How can I change my timetable?

Students are sent a link to the Timetable Change Request form to your GSM email at the beginning of each semester. The link is also available on the Student Portal. You will need to complete this form online and provide third party and official supporting evidence. You will need to tell us when you are available and why you need your timetable to be changed.

When do I submit?

The Timetable Change Request form opens on the same day your timetable is released. You will need to submit the application and provide evidence supporting your application to the Student Hub before 16:00 on the Friday of the second week of teaching.

Evidence must be third-party and official.

How long does it take? 

When your application and evidence is received in full, it can take up to 5 working days for you to receive an outcome. 

How will I be notified? 

You will receive an email regarding the outcome of your timetable change request.

Additional Information 

Please be advised you must attend your current timetable until any changes have been approved. 

If you need to change your timetable due to a medical need, please contact our Wellbeing team (

Any questions? If you have any questions, please contact the Student Hub at or 0208 003 3803.