Subject Heroes 

The voice of their course online, Subject Heroes are students with a passion for written or visual creativity, portraying the realities of studying a degree and what our degree programmes entail.

  • Charmayne Frost

    BSc (Hons) Business Management student, mother of three and passionate social media marketer.

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  • Jade Flannery

    BSc (Hons) Business Management with Creative Industries student, mum of two and creative vlogger.

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  • Jerica Rodriguez

    BSc (Hons) Economics student, ambitious go-getter and former dancer.

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  • Adedoyin Olabode-Owoeye

    BSc (Hons) Events and Entertainment Management student, media personality and events coordinator.

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  • Simon Akudinobi

    BSc (Hons) App Development for Digital Business student, graphic designer and photographer.

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  • Laura Kugonza

    BSc (Hons) Marketing student, mum of one and passionate writer.

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