Student Support Office (SSO)

Now that the Greenford campus has closed The Student Support Office (SSO) is open daily from 10:00AM to 5:00PM and is located in the hub at the Greenwich Campus only. Established to provide a range of services to support students affected by the closure of GSM London, the SSO will continue to  assist students in transitioning to another Higher Education Institution (HEI) until November. Additionally, the SSO provides regular updates on the transition options available. Students may contact the SSO for any queries relating to their study at GSM London, particularly on any matter relating to the closure and how they can be supported in whatever they choose to do next.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you how important it is to engage with the SSO as Face to face student support services will cease from the 8th of November. There will be a limited email/phone service after that. 

While you do not require an appointment to visit the SSO, we thank you in advance for your patience in peak times.

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8516 7800

GSM Learn

A dedicated GSM Learn area called ‘GSM London Closure – Student Support Office’ has been set-up for all students. Please check this area regularly as it will act as a depository for information aimed at supporting you in choosing the right institution at which to continue your studies.

You may access this area on GSM Learn by clicking this link.



Where applicable, students will be issued with either a final transcript, or an interim transcript (for those currently attending classes this semester). These transcripts will support your application to transfer to another HEI and will show how many credits you have gained while studying at GSM London, in addition to any confirmed exit award, where appropriate. Therefore:
  • If you are currently on a break from studying, you will receive a final transcript.
  • If you are studying in the current semester (summer 2019 / C19), you will receive an interim transcript. Once your assessments for the C19 summer semester are graded and approved, you will then receive a final transcript by post in the first week in November. Please ensure your contact and address details are upto date. 

Graduation Ceremony In November 2019

Graduation is to be held on 26th November 2019 for all students from the March, July and November boards who have achieved or expect to achieve an exit award or full degree.  You will, in due course, be invited to complete an online booking form. Please ensure your contact details held by GSM are correct. These should include your personal email address.

Withdrawal from GSM London

Process for withdrawing from GSM London and impact on SLC funding.

We require you to formally withdraw from your studies to successfully transition to another institution or leave the College to follow other options and opportunities.

To ensure that, where applicable:

  • we can inform the SLC at the earliest opportunity to support you and help ensure your tuition fee funding is in place for your new university or college;
  • funding applications can be expedited;
  • maintenance loans you are due continue;
  • harmonising your leaving date with that of your new provider or in line with your future plans can also ensure there are no unintended consequence to your overall funding;
  • access to the pre-approved CPR for GSM students can be dealt with earlier;


You are required to complete a withdrawal from studies form here. You can also access the form by clicking the link below:


You should complete the form as soon as you have accepted an offer of a place at another HEI and received confirmation of your place or come to a final decision on your next steps upon leaving GSM London.


If you are yet to engage with the Student Support Office (SSO), we urge you to do so as soon as possible. You can make contact with the SSO by completing and submitting a short query form here. A member of the SSO will then contact you as soon as possible. Also, you can visit the dedicated SSO page on GSM Learn here to learn more about the options available to you including communications from other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).


If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the Student Support Office.


Student Support Office

T: 0208 516 7800