Strengths-based learning

At GSM London, we recognise that every student has their own unique attributes, skills, motivations and aspirations. So while we offer plenty of shared learning experiences such as lectures, seminars and workshops, we also place a strong emphasis on tailored, one-to-one support. In fact it's a fundamental part of our strengths-based approach to learning.

What is strengths-based learning?

Put simply, a traditional approach to learning focuses on the things we're not so good at and tries to fix them. But a strengths-based approach identifies the things we already do well and uses them as building blocks for further success.

So what are our strengths? Strengths are the natural talents, knowledge and skills that every one of us possesses. We use these natural traits and abilities every day to complete our work, to interact with other people and to achieve our goals. But most of us don't actually know what our strengths are or have the opportunity to use them to our advantage.

Finding your strengths

All GSM London students undertake a strengths consultation to identify their natural talents — for example, you might be adaptable, competitive, analytical or strategic. Once we've identified your top five strengths we can nurture them and help you apply them throughout your learning journey.

Don't worry, the strengths consultation isn't as daunting as it sounds — it's actually a really interesting experience, and the results might just surprise you.

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