Start a degree based on your work experience

Have bold dreams
Not sure you're cut out for higher education? Worried you haven't got what it takes to study for a degree?

Watch this inspiring video and you’ll start to see things a little differently.

If you're already out in the workplace, you might think higher education is beyond your reach — especially if you don’t have the qualifications to meet the entry requirements. But at GSM London we'll take your work experience into consideration, as well as your academic record — and if you meet the requirements, you could find yourself embarking on a life-changing learning journey.

It's your potential we're interested in
There are any number of reasons why you may have left school without the formal qualifications you were aiming for. Perhaps you were facing challenges at home or dealing with health issues during your final school years. Or maybe you simply weren't ready to give your studies the focus they deserved.
Either way, we don't think that chapter in your life should define your future. We know there are plenty of "unqualified" people out there who have the potential to flourish in higher education — and you could be one of them.

Missed your chance because you're already working?
Many young people leave school in a hurry to enter the workplace, and think there's no turning back — that further education is no longer an option. But it doesn't have to be that way. At GSM London we've helped many young professionals successfully combine their careers or enterprises with degree-level study — and we can help you do the same.

We can learn a lot from work experience
Book a meeting with one of our course advisors and they'll listen to your goals, consider your study options, and discuss what you've been up to since leaving school. By looking at your work experience in detail, they can identify the skills and personal qualities that could make you a suitable candidate for higher education.

Rest assured, our course advisors are very good at what they do — if they believe you've got what it takes, so should you.

Return to learning with our Foundation Year
Assuming your work experience and academic record meets our entry requirements, we’ll be able to offer you a place on one of our extended degree programmes featuring an integrated Foundation Year. This is designed to help you develop the academic skills and confidence you’ll need to succeed on your learning journey.

Learn more about extended degree programmes with Foundation Year >

What our students say about our entry routes onto a degree...

Samuel Nwenwu
BSc (Hons) Business Management (with Foundation Year)
The GSM London Foundation Year has equipped me with the tools I needed in terms of knowledge and academic mentality in order to succeed has also reflected positively in my career.
Syed Abdal
Accounting and Finance (with Foundation Year)
The Foundation Year enabled me to get on a degree without having to retake my college qualifications. I developed a number of skills, which prepared me to study for a degree.
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