Recommend a Friend and be rewarded

At GSM London, one in three students is recommended by a friend. As one of our students, you can earn £300 (increased from £250 from October 2018 intake) for each friend or family member that you recommend and who subsequently enrols on a degree with us. Don't forget, you can recommend more than one person to us. 

Start now by clicking the registration button below.

How to recommend

You need to be one of the following;

  • Prospective student
  • Current student
  • Graduates (Alumni)
  • You should read the terms and conditions before recommending

If you have any questions about how the Recommend a Friend scheme works please call Valissa Shay on 020 3544 3865 or

Important: If your friend has already been in touch with GSM London, has interviewed, applied or enrolled, you will not be able to recommend them to the scheme.

Next steps

Check your email for your Recommend a Friend registration confirmation. Once you have received the email confirmation, please forward the email to your friend.

Your Friend must do the following:

  1. Your Friend must click on the Recommend a Friend button within the email
  2. The Recommend a Friend button will open a form for your Friend to complete.
  3. Make sure your Friend fills in the form as soon as possible.

*They must include your Name and Student ID number before they submit the form.
Once we receive their submission confirming their participation in the scheme, we'll contact them and arrange for them to come in and apply for a course.

Getting your reward

Once your friend has enrolled and attended class to meet the engagement conditions outlined in and terms and conditions, we will do the following:
  1. The vouchers will be issued to the Recommender and the Recommended Student in Week 5 of the Recommended Student's first semester, provided that the Recommended Student is fully registered
  2. In week 10 of the first Semester of the Recommended Student's studies, having met the conditions detailed in the terms and conditions, GSM London will contact the Recommender to arrange for payment of the reward

Throughout the process keep an eye out for our recommend a friend status emails for each recommendation. If you have any questions you can email us:

Terms and Conditions

To make sure that every recommendation you make is successful there are a few conditions you need to meet. You can find these listed online and should read them before completing your registration recommend a friend terms and conditions

Did you know?

If you have any questions on the Recommend a Friend scheme or the Terms and Conditions, you will find most answers in our handy  FAQs section but if you need further help please email us at

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