Practical projects

Today's employers want people who not only understand business theories and principles but also know how to apply them in real-life situations. That's why we make practical projects an integral part of the learning experience, so you can develop the skills and knowledge you'll need to flourish in the workplace.

Designed with you in mind

There are a range of project models available at GSM London and your course supervisor will steer you towards the most appropriate one, based on your strengths, interests and career aspirations. In most cases you'll join a team of fellow students, giving you valuable experience of the type of collaborative working practices you'll encounter in many modern businesses.

Projects might include:

Internal consultancy projects

Depending on your degree programme, your team will be assigned to work on a project within one of the in-house departments here at GSM London, such as marketing, finance or human resources.

Working with the Formation Zone

A unique resource for entrepreneurs, the Formation Zone at GSM London has associations with a number of businesses, ranging from new start-ups to established companies. Your team will undertake a live project working with one of them.

Business simulations

Computer-based simulations enable you to experience large-scale business projects in a virtual environment, offering an ideal way to hone a range of skills, from strategy to communication.

Work-based learning

If you're working while studying, you may be able to have your live work projects accredited towards your degree qualification. It's not for everyone though, so you'll need to consult your course supervisor.

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