Postgraduate Student Testimonials

Shaffick Gobindram
Executive MBA
It was important that the programme I chose would provide current examples and would be up to date with today’s business practices. GSM London delivers exactly this, and the teaching is clearly mindful of the current economic and business climate. I have really valued the level of the teaching and the knowledge of the lecturers. Our class sizes are small, which provides a personal approach and enables group discussions in class, so we have all shared our experiences from varied backgrounds, which has been really beneficial.
Anthony Asagba
MSc Oil and Gas Management
I work in London and it was important for me to stay in London – I think that the fact that GSM London is located in a multicultural city gives it an edge and gives students a great opportunity to network on a larger scale. I have friends who had studied at GSM London and who spoke of the quality of its teaching staff and their excellence in imparting knowledge. I agree with them: the lecturers work and have worked in the industry and they’re always around to provide support during your study and after – I believe my time at GSM London has been life changing.
Dr Tom Clark
MSc Leading and Managing in Healthcare Organisations
I chose this course because I wanted to influence people and affect change within my areas of practice. GSM may be a large institution, but it feels small and manageable – more personal. It’s warm and welcoming (the staff especially), and fun – the other students are interesting and characterful. All of this encourages you to work as hard as possible to achieve the best marks. All the modules have direct application to my work, and the whole programme has been a clear benefit to my daily work. It was all great fun and I’m really going to miss the place and people.
Anna Borawska
MBA with Strategic Management
The lecturers bring a lot of external content from their professional lives into the teaching environment – which puts all the theoretical knowledge into perspective. Their high-level of expertise means I have been quickly brought up to speed with the current intricacies of the business world, not only in the UK, but globally. The lecturers have very high expectations and require us to work with real business scenarios. With this knowledge and practice, I now feel more confident to solve complex business problems and to offer consultancy to clients on business solutions.
Dr Deschu Sahayam
Executive MBA in Health Services Management
I wanted to gain the skills, the confidence and the experience to allow me to fulfil a long-term dream of starting my own business. I’ve not done that yet, but this programme definitely changed the way I think and increased my analytical skills. A lot of this is down to the lecturers, but it’s also to do with the other students. I had a co-mentoring study group with one particular student – we worked on the literature together and criticised each other’s assignments. It was amazing and inspiring how much we taught each other.
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