Personal tutoring

When you join GSM London, you're assigned a Personal Tutor who will play an integral role in your learning journey. The guidance and support they provide will help you settle into student life, recognise and utilise your strengths and help you develop into a confident and independent university degree student.

How does personal tutoring help?

Throughout your time at GSM London, you'll regularly meet with your Personal Tutor for group tutorial sessions and you'll also have opportunities to meet on a one-to-one basis. Personal tutoring offers a range of benefits which change and evolve as your learning journey progresses:

Learn what it takes to be a student

From the start of your journey at GSM London, your Personal Tutor will focus on helping you understand what is expected of you as a degree student, ensuring you get to grips with university learning and teaching methods. They will also help you identify, understand and apply your strengths and signpost you to any services that can support your learning.

Become an active and independent learner

The next stage is all about helping you make the transition from simply 'receiving knowledge' to more independent thinking. With guidance from your Personal Tutor you'll look at ways of acquiring analytical and evaluative skills to make informed judgements on what you read.

Stay motivated and work smart

As you progress, your Personal Tutor will help make sure you stay motivated and focused on your goals. Your Personal Tutor will also give you advice on working more efficiently, coping with pressure, and maintaining a good work/ life balance.

With you every step of the way

In addition, your one-to-one meetings with your Personal Tutor enable you to raise any academic or personal issues and explore solutions together. They're also an opportunity to discuss your career aspirations and development while studying at GSM London.

For more information, download the personal tutoring handbook by clicking the image below

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