Payment plan

All students who are personally liable for full or part payment of their tuition fees will need to have an agreed and signed payment plan with the College. You must discuss and agree one with the Student Hub.

How to pay:

The College currently accepts payments by the following methods:

  • by telephone using a credit or debit card; (maximum £700)
  • in person using a credit, card debit card or cash at the Greenwich or Greenford campuses;
  • by bank-to-bank transfer.

If you want to pay using a bank to bank transfer, please transfer your fees to the GSM London bank account using your student number as the payment reference.

Sort code:                30-90-89

Account code:         01539447

Otherwise, please contact the Student Hub to make your payment.

What to do if you have difficulty paying:

The College will at all times seek to be understanding of individual students' financial circumstances. Any financial difficulties being experienced must be highlighted as early as possible to the College in writing or by making an appointment to see the Student Hub.

Once we know what the problems are, we can discuss payment options. A failure to do so may result in your registration not being confirmed to Student Finance England.

It is also important that you ensure your tuition fees are paid on time as failure to do so will put you at risk of being withdrawn from your studies.

Please contact the Student Hub as soon as possible if you need assistance.