Life changers

If you're ready to expand your skills, discover your strengths and broaden your horizons then now is the perfect time to study for a degree and make the change you want to see. Awarded by the University of Plymouth, our degree programmes are designed to help you progress not just academically, but personally and professionally, too.

Having been commended by the Quality Assurance Agency (an independent organisation who monitor the standards of Higher Education) for enhancement of student learning opportunities, you know your progression is in safe hands. Just take a look below at some of the students who've changed their lives by studying for a degree.

"The support facilities and standard of teaching is high at GSM London, everything needed for studying is here and the small, friendly environment means that you don’t get swallowed up in the crowd. Lecturers are really approachable and know most students by their first names. My lecturers have made studying for my degree really enjoyable. As well as having academic experience, many of them have vocational experience that they can bring into the classroom."

Lidia Thompson
LLB (Hons) student
I was a sales supervisor but I wanted something more — this course is helping me on the road to becoming a solicitor.
Natalie Sejnowicz
BSc (Hons) Business Management
The course covers topics ranging from accounting to marketing, and has broadened my horizons as to what I can do in the future.
Kayleigh Derby
BSc (Hons) Professional Management
The course fits perfectly into my current role at work. It’s helping improve my leadership and management skills and make better choices for my future.
Diana Hosten
BSc (Hons) Travel and Tourism graduate
I wanted to start my own travel business catering for single parents. The course has taught me how the industry operates and ways to manage a business within the sector.
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