GSM London Hall of Fame
Students and their success is at the centre of everything we do, see what success looks like in our GSM London Hall of Fame.

Sanjit Chawla

 | Student | GSM London

Graduate from Business Management with IT and now Product Planner at Canon


Sandra Hewitt | Graduate | GSM London
Travel and Tourism student and innovative entrepreneur


Dale Godfrey | Graduate | GSM London
Graduate from Business Management and Director of Godfrey Tradings ltd

Sanjit has just graduated from GSM London with a traditional three-year degree in Business Management and IT and has landed a coveted role at Canon. After long hours and hard work, his graduation couldn't be more rewarding: “My graduation day was a great day which really meant a lot to my family. I’m the first one in my family to graduate; we come from a background where there are few opportunities to study and a lot of inequality. It meant a lot to me as well; I’d worked so hard and spent days and nights studying, and it had finally paid off!”

Why did you choose to study here? 

Studying for a degree these days can not only be expensive, but also difficult if you’re trying to work at the same time. The reason I chose GSM London was because of the flexibility; I wanted to work alongside my studies and am heavily involved in event organisation with the Sikh and Southall communities. The course structure at GSM London allowed me to do this.

It was also really accessible. Having moved to the UK 10 years ago from Germany, I didn’t speak any English and had to start from scratch. I still wanted to pursue higher education, and GSM London was nice because its focus was on people with the desire and motivation to study and work hard.


What makes GSM London different? 

What really stood out to me during my studies was the friendly environment. Everyone was really supportive of each other. Students worked as a team and lecturers were always on hand to offer advice, no problem was too small or too big. They never asked you to email or come back later; they’d help you there and then.

It’s quite different to other universities, where you may have 300 or so students crammed into a lecture theatre. The experience felt much more personal, with 50 or 60 students per lecture. We all felt really supported, and in particular I found the careers service invaluable.

How did your degree prepare you for the world of work? 

I work as a Product Planner at Canon, which I really enjoy. It’s a lot of pressure, but GSM London prepared me well for that due to the pressure and the deadlines of my course! The careers team also really helped me to develop myself personally, and learn techniques which I could use in my professional life. It’s because of their support that I have the job I have now at Canon. Studying at GSM London has truly been life-changing.


Would you recommend GSM London? 

For anyone thinking about studying at GSM London, I’d say go for it! Yes, studying for a degree costs money and is hard work, but once you get stuck in you’ll be glad you did and really proud of your achievements. Whatever your results are or where you end up isn’t the important thing; it’s having the experience and opportunity to participate in higher education that will leave you with memories and experience that will last a lifetime.