GSM London Hall of Fame
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Sandra Hewitt

 | Student | GSM London

Travel and Tourism student and innovative entrepreneur


Charly Ngouh | Graduate | GSM London
Student on Travel and Tourism and successful author


Sanjit Chawla | Graduate | GSM London
Graduate from Business Management with IT and now Product Planner at Canon

Sandra is a student on the Business Management (Travel and Tourism Pathway) and Virgin Atlantic Ticketing short course, as well as an innovative entrepreneur with a wide range of knowledge and experience in the Travel and Tourism industry. For the past five years she has been succesfully co-running Experience TCI, offering luxury vacations to the Carribean.

The Business 

Experience TCI is a luxury Caribbean vacation destination concierge service that is operated by me and my business partner. We provide bespoke vacation packages for the elite to three of the most sought after destinations in the Caribbean. Each island is unique in its own way. Experience TCI concierge service provides hotel, flights, activities and ground transportations at the best rates possible to our clients.


The inspiration 

Living and working up close and personal with the elite visitors to these luxurious destinations has allowed me to listen and solve many problems in the travel and tourism area for clients. Then I thought: if I can do this kind of service for a company, why can’t I do it for myself? Elite travellers prefer upgraded and organised travel packages; most of the time they prefer to book or have these arrangement done through someone who is local and has a wide experience of the country. This was a great opportunity for me and my partner. We have been running this company for five years now and hope to develop further upon my completion at GSM London.

How studying at GSM London helped the business grow 

Studying at GSM London has definitely helped me this far. Computing has helped me organise slides in a more effective format; accounting has helped me understand how to adjust trial balance, prepare income statements and balance sheets – my partner is the one who usually has to do this. In management I learned how to use SWOT and PESTEL to analyse the business; PDP helped me identify my personal strengths and weaknesses and how to turn them into opportunities while eliminating threats from my environment. Travel and Tourism is helping me develop further marketing and forecasting tools and methods that can be used in my business.      

GSM London has also been instrumental in developing my presentations skills. To further develop Experience TCI, our plans are to deliver overseas seminars; for this, presentation skills are vital. I was very nervous when speaking in front of a group of people. GSM London helped me overcome this fear through the various in-class presentations that take place in almost every module.


The motivation 

My motivation comes from providing proper services. Being a frequent flyer to various destinations, I know I’m not always giving the best deals because someone may not take the time to search for them. In tourisms today, we are experiencing all sorts of travellers. I aim to provide a good service to all individuals, as well as sustaining my country's tourism market.