GSM London Hall of Fame
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Jabminson Bruce-Mingle

 | Student | GSM London

Economics graduate and trainee accountant for LPIM & Co


Charmayne Frost
Business and Management Student Blogger


Charly Ngouh | Graduate | GSM London
Student on Travel and Tourism and successful author

Jabminson was the 2nd President of the GSM London Finance Society and now works as a trainee accountant for LPIM and co where he’s training to become a fully qualified accountant.

Student Finance Society 

Whilst studying, Jabminson was President of the GSM London Finance Society. During which time he managed to increase the participation rate and bring in some big industry names for the society events.


My working day 

My working day involves preparing reports, final accounts and filing taxes for a small business. This gives me great insight into the day to day running of a business from a global perspective and is the best part of my job.

How studying at GSM London helped me secure my job? 

Getting into the working environment is really competitive now, so you have to think about how you can stand out. With GSM London (Greenwich Campus) being so close to Canary Wharf this gave me great networking opportunities and introduced me to people in the industry. With the degrees awarded by Plymouth University, you’ve got the standard of a top university in a more accessible form. Looking back on my degree and career path, I would make the exact same choices all over again.