GSM London Hall of Fame
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Charlie Ngouh

 | Student | GSM London

Student on Travel and Tourism and successful author


Jabminson Bruce-Mingle | Graduate | GSM London
Economics graduate and trainee accountant for LPIM & Co


Sandra Hewitt | Graduate | GSM London
Travel and Tourism student and innovative entrepreneur

Charly is a student on the Business Management (Travel and Tourism Pathway) course at GSM London and author of ‘How I won my war’ book which centres on his life experiences as a Cameroonian-born British Army soldier. His studies encouraged him to keep on writing. 

About the book 

I was born In Cameroon and moved to the UK in 2001. I have been living here since. My book is about my life experiences from the circumstances of my birth, my relationship with my parents, my service in the British Army and my struggles in British Society as an immigrant.


Why did you choose GSM London? 

It reflected the learning environment that I believe was most conducive to my studies. GSM London’s multi-cultural aspect was really appealing to me and played a great role in influencing my choice. My degree is very practical – one of its best aspects is the potential it offers in terms of application of its teachings in the real world. This was always really important to me.

What makes GSM London unique? 

Unlike many other educational institutions, it has developed the unique ability to adapt quickly to students from very varied backgrounds. If I had to describe GSM London in 3 words, I would call it welcoming, understanding and adaptable. 


What are your plans after graduating? 

GSM London has really inspired me to keep writing in the future. After graduating, I want to continue to share my message with the world, and to make an impact on the lives of as many people as possible around the world.