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Induction schedule

Induction schedule

Induction for new students lasts two days. You will attend a one day programme of activities introducing you to our student and academic services teams.

When you have been offered a place at GSM London, and met your offer conditions, you will be sent an email telling you which induction events you should attend. Events are designed for specific groups of students, so you must attend your scheduled event.


Late Arrivals:

If you enrol late, you will be given your induction programme during your personal interview with a Course Advisor.

If you were late completing your course application, you may have missed our induction programmes. Don’t worry, you can still catch up.

Your first step is to come in as soon as possible and collect your ID card from the Admissions team. When you come in, you will be provided with a welcome pack full of all the important information necessary to start your academic journey with confidence.