Graduate in just two years

Are you keen to get out there and start making your mark on the world as quickly as possible? If so, our accelerated two-year degrees could be your ideal option.

Why study a two-year degree?

A two-year degree covers all the same modules as the three-year programme and offers exactly the same level of support — you just complete it in a shorter period of time. So you can start earning and progressing your career that much sooner.

How is it structured?

You'll have three semesters a year, with short breaks in between, so it's quite an intensive option. But while you may not get a long summer break, you will graduate and enter the workplace a year earlier than students on three-year degree programmes.

Tuition fees for a two-year degree are typically £8,000* per year — £6,000 can be covered by a student loan and you'll need to top-up the remaining £2,000.

Don't have formal qualifications?

No problem, our integrated Foundation Year programme will help you develop the academic skills and self-belief needed to study a two-year degree. Additional fees for the integrated Foundation Year apply. See more information on our integrated Foundation Year page >

Need some advice on the options?

Our course advisors can help you decide which mode of study is right for you, advise you on choosing a course, and give information on fees and loans.

Book a meeting with a course advisor >

*Fees quoted are for UK and EU students. Information is believed to be correct at time of writing. Degree programmes and fees are, however, subject to change.

What our students say...

Jakeya Hussain
BSc (Hons) Business Management (Accelerated)
I chose GSM London as it offered an accelerated two-year Business Management course. I plan to follow a career in business and I want to get on as quickly as possible.
Francesca Marzullo
BSc (Hons) Events Management (Accelerated)
The 2 year degree is perfect for all of those who are passionate and motivated go-getters. I have a strong passion for events but I didn’t want to ‘waste time’ before I could actually get into the industry, so as soon as I heard I could do the degree in two years, I jumped on it. The course allowed me to acquire the knowledge and skills to match my strong vocation
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