Eager to progress? Ready to take the next step? Our two-year accelerated degree programmes are designed to give you the same quality teaching as a three-year option, in a shorter amount of time. Instead of long breaks between semesters, you will have shorter breaks that allow you to enter the workplace a year earlier than you would if you went via the traditional route.

Jacqueline Stephen
BSc (Hons) Oil and gas Management
GSM London stood out for me as it offered an accelerated mode of study and it was the only university to offer an Oil and Gas Management course in London. I really like the small classes. When you go to larger universities you don’t get as much time to sit down with lecturers and benefit from one to one contact. There are really good resources available to students on my Athens account.
Francesca Marzullo
BSc (Hons) Events Management graduate
The 2 year degree is perfect for all of those who are passionate and motivated go-getters. I have a strong passion for events but I didn’t want to ‘waste time’ before I could actually get into the industry, so as soon as I heard I could do the degree in two years, I jumped on it. The course allowed me to acquire the knowledge and skills to match my strong vocation.
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