Funding Options

If you are an undergraduate student you may be eligible for funding from Student Finance England. Please come and speak with a member of the Student Finance Team who can provide you with information, advice and guidance on how to apply.

Student Finance and Loans

UK/EU students on a designated undergraduate programme may be eligible for a tuition fee loan from Student Finance England or equivalent authorities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This financial support is administered by the Student Loans Company (SLC). Eligible full-time students may also apply for a maintenance loan to support them with the costs of studying full-time.

Students are responsible for entering the correct programme and fee information when applying to the SLC for support. Applications for support must be made for each year of study for the correct programme, programme year and amount.

Applications for SLC tuition fee loans must be completed, including the provision of all requested documents to the SLC, before the start of term.

SLC-funded students will not normally be allowed to complete registration for their programme of study until they have provided evidence to the College that they have completed an SLC application form.

Students whose applications for funding are rejected by the SLC after they have started their programme will be liable to pay their own tuition fees. Students receiving late notification from SLC of ineligible applications should contact the College as soon as possible to discuss their options.

The SLC will normally provide loan funding for a first undergraduate degree for the number of years’ duration of the programme plus one (1) year. Students will be personally liable for any additional years of study, or for any years of study that may not be funded by the SLC due to previous study at another institution.

NOTE: The maximum SLC tuition fee loan available to any undergraduate student at the College is currently £6,000 per academic year of study. SLC-funded students registering on an accelerated degree programme accept responsibility for direct payment of all tuition fees charged above this amount at the liability points specified in this document.


Make your application as early as possible to ensure you have your fees and any other money you are eligible for in place as you start your programme. You can make an application online as follows: Complete an application online find at:

This is the best option as you have more control over the application and can make any necessary changes online which are then processed quicker.

If you do not have access to a computer, please come to the Student Finance Team where you will have access to a computer and support to assist you in completing your online application.

You should fully complete and submit all required documentation to Student Finance England to support your application and we will need proof that you have done this. It is your responsibility to keep the College updated with the status of your application. We may contact you to get an update or follow up on the progress of the application. Please email or visit a member of the team who will be pleased to assist you.

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