Equivalent or lower qualifications, ELQ

If you are a Home or EU student who has already completed a previous programme of study at an equivalent level to the level of the programme you are applying, no matter when or where your qualifications were gained and includes qualifications gained outside of the United Kingdom, you will be classed as an Equivalent or Lower Qualification (ELQ) student.

If you are classified as an Overseas student for the purposes of tuition fees this page does not apply to you.

ELQ in Admissions
For the Admissions team to assess your application they will require a transcript, certificate, translation (if these are not in English) and an academic reference. If you are unsure if your qualification(s) make you an ELQ student please contact the Admissions team. The ELQ rules do not apply to students who are topping-up to an Honours degree from an HND, HNC or Foundation Degree.

ELQ status impact
A status of ELQ will not impact on the level of programme fees you will be required to pay. The UK government will not provide funding for tuition fees or living costs for students taking second degrees, apart from for a few specific subjects. This means if you already have an Honours degree and you wish to study a further qualification, you will have to pay for your own tuition fees and living costs.

Please note that where the applicant holds a UK undergraduate degree GSM London won’t normally be able to make an offer when this is in the same subject area as the programme applied for.

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