The Student Engagement Team

The Student Engagement Team exists not only to assist you in settling into GSM London, but also to represent you and make you a partner in your learning. In alignment with our academic calendar of three terms per year, our team offers an Induction Day designed to ease our new students into GSM London and ensure they have a stable footing as they start their academic life.

Alongside your studies, working for a degree is not solely about attending your lectures and sitting examinations. It is also essential to gain some real-life experience and understand the core values of the GSM London community – which can be a great preparation for the workplace. Active participation as an academic body of students and through an array of extra-curricular events will heighten your experience and we look forward to assisting you on your journey.

Getting Settled In

Our team's remit is to lead on induction, engage with the student body and uncover inhibitions in commitment to studies in order to enhance the learning experience and encourage students to reach their academic potential.

You are our priority, so be sure to find us if you need any help!

In supporting students throughout their initial period of studies, we aim to help you get the most out of your first few months at GSM London; having the best possible start assists you in progressing your degree. "Good attendance encourages achievement"

Our friendly team will advise and offer further support if you are experiencing difficulties with your attendance. Please contact us on

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