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Clearing advice for parents

Clearing advice for parents

Clearing can be a stressful time for everyone involved, but it shouldn’t have to be!

Thousands of students find brilliant degree programmes through Clearing each year, so here how you can help your child make the most of their opportunities.

Although you won’t be able to ring up universities on behalf of your child about their application, there are still a lot of useful things you can do to help. If your child would like to apply directly to GSM London they can book a free one-to-one appointment with our specialist course advisors, who will provide step-by-step guidance on choosing a course and the application process.

Don’t panic!

Whatever your child’s results try to stay calm and support them. They can still get a brilliant place at university to start this year, so stay positive and help motivate them to think carefully about their options.

Who is Clearing for?

Clearing is used by many different students in different situations each year. They may have missed out on their firm or insurance university choices, have changed their mind on the place they have already secured or might not have decided whether to apply earlier in the year. The process is exactly the same whatever situation they are in!

Help them prepare

Make sure they gather together all the information they need before making a call (their UCAS ID number, exam results and courses they are interested in), plus think about some of the questions they might be asked about why they want to study that degree programme.

What questions do they need to ask?

In the excitement of getting a place on a degree course it’s easy to forget some important questions about the location, study commitment and their next steps. Write down a few of the things your child might want to ask about, or help them look on each university’s website.

Questions about Clearing? Ask us online and a member of our Outreach Team will help you.

Good luck!