July 21, 2019

5 self-care tips for students

Person going for a walk in nature

Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. – Edward Stanley

As students, we are adults with a life outside full of worries, commitment and extra responsibility, especially to those with a family to take care of. With all of it, we end up forgetting about ourselves and thinking we can do everything at once leading to stress, anxiety and sometimes depression.

Here are 5 ways you can take care of yourself today

Focus on a positive mind set

In order to take care of yourself, your mind has to be set in the right way. Therefore, keeping a positive mindset is very important! You are in control of yourself and let nothing and no one take that away from you. Being overworked is something that drains your energy, so start your day with a positive comment, such as “I was productive today, so I deserve …”.

One other thing is waking up and going to sleep being grateful for everything we have in life, and I mean EVERYTHING! When you wake up being negative, everything turns into a triple negative, as it will bounce back to you. So, start your day being positive and you will have positivity bouncing back to you.

Take a walk

Just a simple walk of 10-15 minutes or more, to breathe and relax your mind. Something you can do every day or a few times a week. I do advice this walk to be in a quiet place, where there is not much traffic or people around, and keep your phone in flight mode or if you can leave it at home or somewhere safe so you are not distracted by technology. Enjoy what nature provides you.

Do more exercise

Going to the gym, exercising at home, running, going to dance classes or yoga classes are ways that help you release stress. These are moments you are outside of your “work thinking”, you have no electronics with you (maybe just listening to music, but don’t fall into the temptation of checking your social media) and your body and mind are too busy focusing on what you are doing.

By doing this you are not just benefiting the fact of releasing stress, but at the same time improving your health by making your blood pump throw your veins, air coming in and out of your lungs, sweat dripping from your body, therefore, cleaning your skin. As one thing benefits the other, you will also improve your physical appearance, if it’s something that you really care about. We’ve made an overview of the best gyms in London for students.

Be mindful with electronics

Avoid electronics in your bedroom, this includes your phone! According to a research made by Harvard and University of Toronto researchers, the light coming from the blue spectrum from phones and TVs influence the melatonin hormones, therefore, delaying its release, which creates the difficulty of feeling sleepy.

Also, the bedroom shouldn’t be related to working activities as it is a place for you to relax. If you sleep late you will wake up late, and if you have to wake up early, remember that your productivity will not be at 100%. 

The power of food and sleep

Eating healthy homemade food, at the right times with the right quantities is very important to keep your brain working effectively. This followed by the correct hours of sleep all contribute to a successful productive day!

If you don’t take care of yourself, no one will. So who better to that, than you?

Jerica Rodriguez Abreu

If you find yourself struggling please get in touch with the GSM London Wellbeing Team for support.

4 thoughts on “5 self-care tips for students

  1. Great post! I think walking and exercise can be particularly important in big cities like London, when it’s so tempting for students just to take the tube or bus. But public transport can be pretty draining, especially during rush hour. Dedicating some time to walking or going for a run in the park can be really beneficial in terms of self-care. A positive mindset is also great as it can help to overcome your stress and fears about student life.

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