May 23, 2019

Exercises to strengthen your mind

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It is common knowledge that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind, we see things clearer, we absorb things better, application of tasks are executed more proficiently. When a person exercises it releases a plethora of hormones that aid in providing a nourishing environment for brain cells to grow. As the heart rate increases, oxygen is pumped into the brain.

GSM London places immense importance on the health and well-being of our students. Here are some great reasons why we believe students should incorporate exercise into their daily lives.

Boost Memory & Retention

Do you know the what the Hippocampus is? Do you know the importance of its function within the brain? The hippocampus is the region of the brain that is largely responsible for our memory and becomes more vulnerable as we age.

Cardiovascular exercises such as running, jumping or cycling has been shown to boost memory in numerous studies. The more we exercise the more BDNF we produce, which is essential in maintaining a healthy growth of brain neurons.

Exercise is good but never do too much before an exam as it has been shown to scupper memory circuits as workouts can raise stress levels.

Cognitive Thinking

Regular exercise can be a powerful thing. Exercise stimulates the birth of new neurons, it increases blood flow to the brain, it encourages the growth of hormones and the brain’s network of blood vessels expand. Studies have shown that people who are more physically fit perform better on tests. There is no need for extreme workouts, frequent 30-45 min brisk walks will do the trick.

Improving Concentration

Exercise can help you to focus on a task. For a busy student with multiple deadlines, focus is key. Most supporting scientific evidence relating to concentration and exercise has been collated through studies on school children and most likely applies to us all.

Positive Mental Health

Our mental state of mind has a huge effect on our productivity and as students, your mental well-being is paramount to your success. Exercise can have a potent effect on your mood, through physical activity your mood can be lifted, the body produces increased levels of serotonin and dopamine, the brain chemicals that are imperative to a positive state of mind.

Exercise is slowly emerging as a tool to overcome depression. A student’s sense of knowledge, belief and confidence in their ability to achieve academically can often be seen in the work they produce.

Enhance creativity

Walk the walk! Psychologists have provided empirical support in studies connecting creativity to exercise. They have shown the act of walking bolstered divergent thinking.

Exercise Tips For Students

  • Try to incorporate exercises that are good for your heart, they are great for the brain.
  • Aerobics is a sure bet for exercising the mind and body as it helps to restore damaged brain cells.
  • Exercise in the morning, it’s an effective way the clear your head and prepare you for any daily stresses. Your ability to retain new information and react to challenging situations is enhanced.
    If you already have a work-out routine switch it up a little. Make sure it includes cardiovascular activities i.e. dance.
  • A quick fix for best results is circuit training.
  • If you are feeling a bit mentally drained, try brain improvements activities like Jumping jacks to renew concentration.
  • Consider yoga to focus the mind and body.

GSM London’s student support team are available to Monday to Friday to give advice and support on well-being.

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