June 24, 2019

Is Career Advice a Waste of Time?

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A lot of people pursue a career with limited knowledge of what their choices are. They have a limited understanding of the market and their choices; many of them do not know their strengths and interests. Different candidates approach job applications differently. School leavers based on money and convenience at times. Graduates often go into areas based on their degree. Mature candidates may do any job for financial reasons alone.

Initially, the average candidate enters a field based on their interests or in line with what they studied at University. Many of whom are not sure if they will really enjoy it until they have embarked on it, by which point it could be too late. Hence, why career advice is a good idea.

Seeing a Career Advisor

By seeing a Careers Advisor early on in your career you can give yourself an edge by getting greater clarity about your directions. One of the main advantages of getting careers guidance is that you can learn more about yourself and your interests. In doing so, you will be able to explore your strengths and your passions.

Many people go into a career with limited knowledge of the market or the types of career options on the table. A Careers Advisor can help assess your strengths and guide you in the right path. This can save you from investing years in a job only to realise when it is too late that you didn’t enjoy your job or that you could not develop or progress within the profession or industry for various reasons.

Did you know? We spend a third of our life at work

The average person spends a third of their life in work and therefore isn’t it important that you choose a career you enjoy? As the saying goes, if you do a job you love then you never work a day in your life. To find that job you love you need to conduct a lot of research and this is where careers advisors can assist. Careers Advisers have a detailed knowledge of the market and can help you discover your passion.

Starting in the Career Zone

Once you have decided on your path a careers adviser will hold your hand through the longest journey of your life. Since a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, make sure you make this first step into the Careers Zone to discover a whole new world of support, assistance, and success. Our Careers Advisors will assist you every step of the way from scouring the market, starting your job application, reviewing your CV and helping you prepare for an interview. Such skills will be useful throughout your life and therefore ensure you take advantage of the facilities and resources the Careers & Employability department provides.

“Is career advice a waste of time? Absolutely not!”

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