June 26, 2019

Can a Degree Boost Your Career Prospects?

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The benefits obtaining a degree can have on your long term career prospects…

A question that often gets asked when discussing the benefits of higher education is ‘But will a degree really help my career prospects?’ The answer we give is a resounding yes!

There’s a lot of research out there supporting the fact that having a degree can boost your employment opportunities as well as your earnings.
We’ve had a look at some studies and compiled the important points for you here.

“…the employment rate was highest for young adults with a bachelor’s or higher degree (88 percent)*”

*According to the National Centre for Education Statistics

“The average salary of graduates at the peak of their earning ability is on average 82% higher than for non-graduates.*”

*According to bestcourseforme.com analysis of Labour Force Survey data


Career Prospects GSM London Graduate

Our very own GSM London graduates can also attest to the effect a degree can have on your career prospects. For example, Francesca Marzullo, a graduate from our BSc (Hons) Events Management course says:

“Undertaking a degree has been a great investment in my career. In less than a year I’m already earning 35% more than before my studies!”

In terms of career progression, the analysis of Labour Force Survey data by bestcourse4me.com states that:

“…salary differences are significant – 51% more for graduates in Managers, Directors and Senior Executives.”

All in all, there is overwhelming evidence that obtaining a degree is beneficial for your career in the long run. No matter when you begin your studies, we have many career-focused options at GSM London so we’re sure that we’ll find something to suit your needs.

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