July 18, 2019

Building confidence through education

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Ways to build your confidence

Confidence is the tool that is behind most of our successes. Education equips us with knowledge and power that enables us to boldly attempt and accomplish more things. Theodore Roosevelt said “Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”

GSM understand that there are many elements to growing one’s confidence, we have worked with people who have returned to education after many years out, people who have had not so positive prior learning experiences in addition to those who want to boost their career. Being an institute that has helped contribute to the success of many students we look at how we education can really help in building and sustaining confidence.

1. Feel good about yourself

 The journey of self-discovery and progression can be unpredictable. To educate yourself is to enhance skills acumen and wisdom. This in turn can provide a person with the courage and assertion to go out, do their own thing, and follow their passions without fear of failure or ridicule.

2. Master Communication

The art of communication is nurtured during study as you are exposed to literature, the discovery of new objectives and perceptions will permit a person to divulge in new conversations. In addition, interactions with lecturers and peers will enhance people skills and in turn, assist an individual with fluid communication  skills to be used in the workplace and wider community.

3. Manage challenges 

Studying a degree will expose a student to new information, knowing how to put that into essay with the right citations and referencing can be daunting, GSM have the full support of all students helping them overcome some sticking points associated with student life. Whether it be, essay writing, managing deadlines, balancing family life or managing finance we are there to help. Thus, enabling feelings of self-accomplishment.

4. Deal with criticism positively

We all seek validation in some way, in relation to education this comes in the form of academic performance. In instances where the critique is positive this can encourage and enhance future performance. On the other hand, when the results are negative it can sometimes knock confidence, the trick is to turn it into a platform to elevate yourself. Negative feedback can highlight areas for improvement and provides an opportunity to better oneself. Within any profession you will face critique education/university equips you to deal with this in constructive way.

5. Build a foundation

 The workplace can be a challenging environment, a place where individual and team assignments are monitored and scrutinised. GSM careers and enterprise support team provide a foundation for students that embody the attributes needed, to survive confidently in the professional world.

6. Achieve your goals

Tossing that hat on graduation day will feel like a massive achievement, because it is.  Time, research, planning, application, discipline and dedication will amount to a sense of achievement that will leave a person smiling for years to come.

7. Create a platform for positive life changes

Education is a platform that you can continually build upon, it allows you grow and change the course of your life. Knowing more, opens doors and widens opportunity.  The more we develop personally the greater our confidence becomes, this becomes prevalent in GSM student’s journeys, as they work steadily and progressively to towards their new careers.

Confidence is key, it is rooted in self-belief and often brought to light once a person steps out of their comfort zone, by empowering ourselves with knowledge, we open doors to new and inspirational achievements.

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