June 24, 2019

It is BAU to COP, should I open the Kimono?

As a semi recent graduate (7 years ago) one of the biggest issues moving into the work place was understanding the business terminology that other seemed to use. Here is a look at a few I heard and what they mean. This is an attempt to bust the jargon for you and put it into context.

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Starting with the title

BAU : Business As Usual , often used in conjunction with something going wrong ie the computers crashing. Means to just carry on regardless  or in short you may not go home early.

COP : Close Of Play , otherwise known as by EOD or End Of Day use when a line manager or a client wants something  fairly urgently.

Open the Kimono; to share information with a third party or someone who doesn’t work for the company/ organisation.

Here are a few more I came across over the years that made me laugh and slightly confused at the same time.

Regards : an email sign off , generally used in a passive aggressive manor. Used with a team member, different department or customer that you are having a minor disagreement with.  Not to be confused with ‘ warm regards’  that is a nice way to sign off an email to someone you don’t know too well.

JFDI : Just (insert rude word) Do It, means to do it and worry about the consequences later. Generally who ever tell you to just flipping do it will take accountability for any issues caused.  Usually means to go outside of the normal procedure in order to achieve the goal.   

Actioned : As in please advise when this will be actioned ,  in other word when will the allotted task be completed

ABC : Always Be Closing or CFC coffee for closers . Made famous by the film Glengarry Glen Ross. Generally used in high pressure sales roles  used as a way to ‘motivate’ your employees to sell more. 

BHNC : Big Hat No Cattle , One of the more polite versions of this used to describe someone who is all talk.  Someone who talks a big game but fails to deliver upon their promises.

BMT;  Before My Time, a nice way to pass the buck if something has gone wrong by removing yourself from the situation ie last quarter was very bad and sales were down. But you weren’t at the company then as such it was not your fault.

BOHOF :Back Of Hand On Forehead used to express stress or dismay at a situation.  

GEM; Going The Extra Mile, used by managers to thank you for going above and beyond  what you needed to do to ensure that the outcome was reached , often used in customer service roles.

That was a few examples there are however many many more some used more than other

think I missed any important ones why not tweet them at me @gsmcareersalex



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