June 16, 2019

Top tools for international students in London

Going off to university for the first time is always a daunting prospect, but this is made all the more intimidating if your prospective place of study is in another country. With the number of international students being welcomed into UK higher education continuing to rise, Britain has recognised this market with a whole host of tools and resources specifically for international students coming to study in Britain.

Top tools

To really make the most of a business management degree in London and university study in the UK, here is a handy list of top tools that will specifically help international students enjoy studying and living in London and Britain.

Practical tools

It is not just British nationals that can receive enviable student discount and other student privileges, there are plenty of tools that see international students receive the same benefits.

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is one such tool that offers student discount globally. As an international student card, it means that no matter where you go in the world you will receive great savings across a range of services and products opposed to a UK student card. Go to their Global site ISIC.org for the best tool for checking out great benefits in both the UK and overseas or see their Facebook page and UK site www.myisic.co.uk for further information.isic

Here is what they said about their card:

“The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally recognised proof of full-time student status and is endorsed by organisations such as UNESCO, the European Council on Culture, the Community of Andean Nations, national governments and ministries of education, universities, academic institutions and student organisations worldwide. The ISIC is sold each year to approximately 5.2 million students in 125 countries, and gives access to a portfolio of over 42,000 student services and benefits worldwide. These services and benefits range in category from hotels to entertainment, shopping to museums, and travel to restaurants. Why not go ahead and buy your card now to start making truly Global savings!!!”


Moving to another country often involves moving a great deal more personal effects than just moving to a different city for university. This is where student storage companies come in.

Door2Store is a great company that offers student space storage and a great student discount, with boxes costing just 99p per box per week, opposed to the £1.10 per box per week rate for family space.


“Door2store.com is part of the ucanstore.com self storage company which has been operating in the UK for over 10 years. Door2store.com provides storage for students and people who don’t need a large storage container but want to store some boxes and suitcases while they are on half term or away on holiday.

This is ideal for students who are going home during the holidays and are unsure where they are going to be living during the next term.

We organise additional space for students from all parts of the UK and are able to send their stuff internationally to all parts of the globe.”


Need to go further afield? One Stop Worldwide offers shipping and storage for students, academics and graduates, working with the world’s leading international couriers to provide tracked international air shipping services at low prices. They offer both student storage over the summer and for the duration of gap years, and because they ship globally they are a great choice for international students as well as for those who are unsure where they are going next.


Social tools

The concerns of moving to the UK to study abroad are not just about the practical aspects, it’s also about how happy you will be studying in a different country. While you may be on a great London HR course with a top institution, if you don’t have a life out of university it can feel quite isolating for international students. Thankfully, there are some great tools in this area too.

EuroClub is a great language exchange based in London that helps international students develop their language skills whilst meeting new people in the same position. With regular meet ups and activities, it is a great way of improving your English whilst socialising, benefitting your studies and wellbeing in a new country.


Alternatively, Meetup is a fantastic tool for meeting all manner people in the city. As the world’s largest network of local groups it makes it easy to find and join groups that match your interests and situation. You can either find a Meetup group or start one of your own for internationals near you, or set one up to match your interests and meet other students with the same hobbies and tastes.


Similarly, Citysolicializer, which featured in this previous article, is another great tool for socialising in a new city. Just sign up and meet great new people at some fantastic and innovative events.

The All-Rounder

If you are struggling to find accommodation in London as an international student, there is no one better than International Students House to help out. As a charity dedicated to helping students achieve the academic, personal and leadership aims that brought them to the UK they also offer a unique social, cultural and recreational centre.

Here is an overview of the services they provide:

  • They help students find accommodation where rent is 40% less than the market average, for both long and short-term.
  • They offer a scholarship programme that supports accommodation and living costs, funding around 45 scholarships per year and partnering with universities who can offer a tuition fee waiver while they provide accommodation, food and a living allowance.
  • Their main centre at Great Portland Street is the base for all of their activities and includes a student bar, a large venue with a bar for concerts, dinners, etc., a small venue with a bar for entertainment, five other rooms for lectures and debates, a canteen and half of their bedrooms.

ISHInternational Students House members learn Chinese fan dancing at a cultural awareness event.

If you have any tips for international students coming to study in London share them on the GSM London Facebook page.

Image Credit: ISIC, Door2Store, One Stop Worldwide, Euroclub, Meetup, International Students House

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