May 25, 2019

Being a mature student at GSM London

What makes GSM London different? What is black, white and red all over? Your assignments as a student at GSM London Now, joke aside. You ...
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A student at a university open day

Believing in your strengths

What is Strength-based learning? Strength-based learning is a psychology research which focuses on what students do well, just like the Clifton Strengths Assignment known as ...
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The concept of unity

Today our blogger is Natasha Capal who works as our Student Events Manager at GSM London.  She believes passionately in the benefits of diversity and ...
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Diversity in Public life – by John Nicolson MP

Today we are particularly pleased to have John Nicolson MP join us as part of our Diversity week at GSM London.  John Nicolson was born in Glasgow. ...
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You’re just being awkward now….

John Nicholson MP wrote a very personal account of his coming to terms with his sexuality.  In his account he shares the lengths he went ...
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