July 17, 2019

The secret of his success

We were stunned when GSM London student Tom Willis managed to complete a graduate level logic test within minutes of receiving it. The test was part of the practice Assessment Centre we held in Greenwich recently and was designed to a standard used by graduate recruiters. Indeed it took teams of staff members half an hour to get to the correct answer.

Logic exercises are often seen as being only for the mathematicians and economists. And yet millions of people do them everyday – on the train, using their iPads or however. Logic is just about training the brain to think in a specific way. So exercises like Soduku and Crosswords are excellent at developing those functions.

So why not have a go?  Learn how to play Soduku here.


0 thoughts on “The secret of his success

  1. Ah, now that I approve of. As long as it’s clear that your student solved a different puzzle though or it looks like your staff spent half an hour on this puzzle. =;-D

  2. Yes I did wonder about putting the test up but it took John Liberty a long time to create and we want to reserve it for use in future Assessment Centres. The test is based on one used by IBM – have a look at this for a better idea. That said, the principal is not that different from solving a Soduku puzzle.

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