April 22, 2019

Widening participation in HE still cause for concern

A recent article from The Times has yet again highlighted the importance of widened participation in UK higher education institutions, saying that there should be a greater focus on improving accessibility for a diverse range of students from varying backgrounds.

The article also said that more should be done by institutions across the UK to improve the number of students from poorer backgrounds getting into professional job roles. This includes international student study in London as well as those from poorer backgrounds attending university and that they should also be focusing on the output alongside focusing on the input of widening access.

GSM London is one such institution that does both, as reported in this former article, whereby the Provost talks about the importance of widening participation at higher education level, supporting the views documented by The Times. The article argues that the focus should not just be on encouraging poorer students to attend university, but to help them gain a successful career following graduation, an area taken very seriously by GSM London and their career-focused degrees.


Image Credit: Andresr (shutterstock.com)


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