June 24, 2019

Why choose a career in Human Resources?

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In the latest of a series of guides regarding our very best courses and the industries they can unlock for you, we take a look at why you should choose human resource management as a career.

If you enjoyed our recent featured degree article regarding human resources, then this one is definitely for you as we examine HR careers in more detail and profile the kinds of jobs you will be suitable for after securing your degree qualification.

Human Resource Management Jobs

The first thing to point out with any HR career path, is that the sector has changed a great deal over the years. Gone are the days that a human resources professional is simply a pen pusher, responsible for administration and staff happiness. Today, this career path has several dimensions and can provide all sorts of progression. So, just what are the advantages?

If you are keen on a career that allows you to work with a great range of personnel, then we recommend you take a look at our BSc (Hons) Human Resources with Management degree. This course will not only provide you with the academic credentials you need but also equip you with the skills to liaise and engage with people from across your organisation and beyond.

Human Resources Jobs & Opportunities

So, what are the jobs available in the industry that one of our courses could unlock for you? Well, the beauty of this sector is that it can allow you to enter pretty much any industry you desire. Whether you have passions for the arts and entertainment, finance or even sports and leisure, all of these industries need human resource gurus and that person could be you following your qualification with GSM London.

Of all the courses and careers we offer, the opportunities when it comes to HR are pretty comprehensive. Below you can find some of the most popular and perhaps more crucially, the most lucrative you could look to break into.

HR Officer

In this roll you will get to grips with payroll, training, inductions and absences which can be extremely rewarding as you are responsible for the smooth running of your organisation.

Onboarding new staff and ensuring their progression is always on the agenda is extremely satisfying and also stand you in great stead for the rest of your career in this industry. Salaries start from around £32k a year in the capital and the development in this industry is extremely fast paced, so you will really get out of this job role what you put in.

HR Manager

The progression to HR Manager is an extremely exciting one as you will find yourself heavily involved in strategy and really making a difference in terms of how your company is run.  Process and policy are just the start as you will often manage a team of human resource executive’s employee welfare, employee law and even salary reviews. You can expect to earn upward of £40k a year in this role if you are in London as well as enjoying all of the aforementioned career development opportunities.

Talent Manager

Nowadays a career in human resources allows you to take responsibility for attracting the top talent in pretty much every sector imaginable. Every industry has a need for finding the best of the best and as a HR professional, you will be in the thick of the action. Depending on the sector you wish to enter, our course will ensure you are aware of any complexities that exist, such as employment laws and rules and regulations. A good talent manager plying their trade in the capital will earn in the region of £50k a year and enjoy a range of perks and bonuses, depending on the organisation you work for.

HR Director

An advanced role and most probably the kind of role one would aspire to long term once they have their relevant degree qualification. In addition to all of the above tasks, you will be responsible for departmental expenditure, budgeting and implementing processes for efficiency.

As a Director, you will command a salary befitting of such a role and have a great deal of influence within your chosen organisation. Salaries of between £80k and £90k a year are not unheard of and a degree from GSM London could the perfect first step as you look to secure a top HR Director role at one of the UK’s leading businesses.

Get In Touch with GSM London About Human Resources

As you can see, this is a course that will surely lead to an exciting and fulfilling career and gaining a degree such as the ones we offer here at GSM London is a prudent first move. Why not find out more by getting in touch with one of our specialist team and find out if this is the perfect route for your career? You can call us on 020 3797 4687 or see our full range of degree courses.

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