June 26, 2019

Which degree should I study?

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Choosing which degree to study is a major decision and one which shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can be very tempting to base your choice on things such as the atmosphere, where your friends are headed and what the party scene is like. And whilst these are considerations, they shouldn’t be the most important ones.

What you really need to do is match your choice to your interests and abilities. The right degree won’t necessarily be the one you automatically think of and in actual fact, the best degree for you will be one that fits in with your personality, study style and your career aspirations. As a result, it pays to do your research and really take a good hard look at what you want to get out of a degree.

Are you ready for degree level study? 

If you’re already at college and have been studying for A-Levels or other similar qualifications, then there is every chance you are ready to step up to degree level education. However, if you’ve had a break from education or left school and didn’t get the necessary qualifications, then it is a great idea to do a foundation year to get you used to studying again.

A foundation year will give you the self-confidence and learning tools necessary to study at degree level. It can lead straight onto an undergraduate degree course and it can also give you a chance to try out a degree subject to see if you like it before you embark on a full three-year degree.

Which degree should I study?

We can’t tell you exactly which degree to study, only you can decide that. But we can tell you that you should base your choice around a subject that interests you. A degree in accounting and finance can be an excellent choice if you want to work in banking, for example, but if your maths isn’t that strong and the thought of working with numbers leaves you cold, then it probably isn’t for you.

You should play to your strengths and what interests you most. After all, a degree is a big financial commitment and you want to make sure that what you choose will still be interesting to you two or three years down the line.

Your degree choice might also be based on what career you want to pursue when you finish – there are certain careers which require you to study a particular subject or undergo a conversion course such as law.

However, there are plenty of wider degree options if you’re not sure what career you wish to pursue such as BSc (Hons) Business Management or BSc (Hons) Marketing. These are just some of the degrees that will give you a broad skillset which you’ll be able to take into a wide range of industries.

Consider the cost of the degree

Everyone knows studying for a degree is a big financial commitment with the average three-year degree costing £27,000 or more in fees. In addition, you have living costs to think about, depending on where you choose to study.

At GSM London there is an option to do an accelerated two-year degree which means you can get on the career ladder and start earning a year earlier than your peers as well as pay a year’s less fees. However, you have to be prepared to work hard and forego some of the traditional social aspects of getting a degree because you simply won’t have time.

Location, location, location

Whilst your interests and strengths are probably the most important aspects when it comes to choosing your degree, location is a factor too. There is no point heading to a campus which is self-contained if you’re intent is to study in a big city. You also need to consider how accessible it is for you, what the cost of living there will be and what transport links are like. GSM London has the Capital on its doorstep, which means not only is there easy access to air and rail transport, it can offer a wonderful social life with plenty to see and do when you’re not studying.

Best degrees to study

If you’re still no clearer on what you want to study there are some great degrees out there which can lead to a fulfilling career in many different areas. A BSc (Hons) Business Management with E-Commerce is a fantastic option because it equips you with online skills which will be sought after in many businesses. With the inexorable rise of internet shopping and interaction, such skills will be in demand for many years to come. Another great general degree to study is a BSc (Hons) Enterprise and Small Business Development. If you think you might one day want to set up your own business, this degree can provide the right foundations. It would also be useful if you wished to join a growing company.

We would like to hear from you if you have any questions about what you should study. You can call us on 020 3797 4687 or find out how to apply here.

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