June 26, 2019

Timetable questions


Questions about your timetable?

If you have any queries regarding your timetable for next week, please visit https://www.gsmlondon.ac.uk/current-students for relevant information.

If in need of further assistance, contact Student Advisory on 020 8003 3803.

Can’t access your email?

If you are unable to access your GSM London email account please email CTS at cts@gsm.org.uk



0 thoughts on “Timetable questions

  1. Could you pleae tell us if we have any classes next week? I was told we would have classes for next week but where can I find the timetable for next week??

  2. Hi I would like to know when my timetable will be issued because I believe university does start on 8th of feb and there is no timetable available

  3. Good evening, on behalf of the year 0 students, we would be very grateful if you can email all students on the email to let them know the time table for Mon-Friday due some of them may or will have certain commitments next week.

    Many thanks for your co-operation and attention.


    Samuel Nwenwu
    Student Rep Year 0

  4. I did not recieve any time table for Monday and I have gave in the application form for changing my course but also have not receive any reply yet. Please give me some information about my course and time table as soon as possible.

  5. I haven’t received my timetable for the Febuary semester and not sure what to do. Can you please update what I should do regarding next week?? My ID:30449, Oil and Gas management level 5. Thanks

  6. I still can’t access my timetable for next week. Please send me an email with my timetable if possible because if I go through student portal it’s still unavailable. My course is year 0 Events Management

  7. I have not received any time table for next week please .Could you please resend it.Thanks.

  8. I didn’t receive yet, if you don’t mind send me in email that I provide to you in Box above.

  9. I have received an email saying l should be able to see my timetable on my gsm email but l am unable to do so as the information l am gettting is outdated.

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