June 16, 2019

Sonia Sakaria – How GSM London shaped who I am now

Sonia Sakaria - GSM London Business Management Graduate

Sonia Sakaria – Business Management Graduate – talks about her journey through higher education at GSM London and how the degree and fellow students shaped her into the person she is today.

Sonia Sakaria - GSM London Business Management Graduate

Being a student going from college to university can seem daunting, but what I found out is that it is an experience that changes who you are and how you see the world. University has shaped me into who I am now. Whilst studying business management I have learnt many different skills that I now use in my working life.

From day one studying business management at GSM London has had a huge impact on me; here you are not only looking at the theory but also the practical aspect of how it can be applied in the real working world. Most lecturers are from the industry so they can show how important the theory is but they also show how different it can be when applying it to a business.

The studying experience is a mixture of practical and theory, where there’s a lot of team work and carrying out real life research for companies such as KONE. The fact that the students aren’t all straight from college but come from a diverse background and are from all age groups, they are able to pass on their life experience to the rest of the students. I can’t explain in words what kind of knowledge and life perspective you can gain from your peers, but it all somehow rolls into how you approach life after your degree.

Being a student who has a lot of family responsibilities, moving away from home or studying a couple of hours travel away was not a feasible option. GSM London is a 5 minute drive from where I live and they offer a more supportive environment. Coming straight from college and being used to small, more intimate classes meant I felt right at home. Yes, university is hard, but being somewhere where people want you to succeed really motivates you to push yourself to achieve your best.

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