June 26, 2019

Singapore: A great place to build your career?

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Singapore has been seen as a post-Colonial success story. A small country that has reinvented itself as one of the most important financial and commercial capitals in the world.  The city-state is dominated by investment banking, financial and professional services.

It’s Canary Wharf with a tropical rainforest climate and really fresh and exciting food! And it has drawn graduates from the UK who are keen to add an international dimension to their careers whilst working within an English speaking environment. And then the recession killed off that dream for so many. Borders closed for so many as the Government in Singapore instigated damage limitation to avoid a really deep financial and economic crises.

And now it seems that Singapore is ready to accept international graduates once more.   But the picture is much more mixed than before.  The Vulcan Post has been noting all those companies laying off staff in Singapore. But if you read between the lines and do your research you’ll find that this is not as it seems. You have to ask at what level are people being laid off? Graduates are cheaper than highly experienced employees so perhaps are not affected in the same way.

It’s worth exploring. The quality of life can be very good. Contact Singapore, the Government’s immigration website, provides useful information about the lifestyle, types of jobs and a very useful cost-of-living calculator.

You can also use the Contact Singapore Jobs Portal to find opportunities.

They also have videos giving insights into both industry and lifestyle. Have a look at this one for the Oil & Gas sector.


Read the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s advice on travelling to Singapore.











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