June 26, 2019

How to revise for exams like a boss

Exams have gained a feared reputation among the student community, but it is one that has gone unwarranted for far too long. Exams don’t deserve the backlash they receive, they are lovers, not fighters – when handled well they can give you the grade boost you deserve.

While this may be a slight overshot, exams don’t have to be feared when June comes around. You may have been told a hundred times to start revising early and this may be a lost cause for some, but this revision guide will look to help you get started on a pain-free revision schedule and show you how to revise like the boss you know you are.

Get organised

First things first, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of procrastination. Yes, you heard. Procrastination in the very early stages helps let your mind work subconsciously and figure out a plan of action. So start by getting organised early. This may seem like procrastination to some, but making an organised plan and a clear workspace – even if you do have to re-organise and colour code your highlighters 10 times – can actually be a very proactive approach.

One of the best revision tips is to use effective organisation. There are loads of great revision timetable generators freely available online and the same goes for revision techniques and aids.

Work out what works (for you)

When it comes down to the actual revision it is important to find out what method works best for you. Most people have heard of visual learners and auditory learners, but even the preferred type of study can vary from person to person. Whether it’s mind maps or the old trusty ‘look, cover, write, check’ method, find out what works for you and then utilise it.

The Student Room is a great forum that offers genuine advice on exam prep and plenty of other student-related topics from genuine students in the same boat as you. They have a fantastic University Revision Notes section that has plenty of exam help split down by subject area, as well as a whole study section that includes mind maps, quizzes, essays, study planners and discussions in their thousands for you to browse through at leisure.

Work out what works
Work out what works

Get down to it

Once you have found out what method works for you it is important to get down to it. The earlier you start, the easier it will be and it means that you will still have time for all the things you do to chill out, so you can continue to have the best of both worlds. Get Revising is another fantastic website that offers help for students undertaking university study in London and across the UK. It splits revision down into resource type so you can browse revision help by your preferred method, whether that be flash cards, mind maps, practice papers or quizzes.

Revision may be a daunting prospect, but the feeling at the end is amazing – trust us it is worth it. So follow these tips and enjoy feeling like Beyoncé while everyone else is left behind in Destiny’s Child as they complain that they’ve left it until the last minute.


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