June 26, 2019

Returning to Education as a Mum

GSM London HR student Abiola talks of returning to education as a mature student and Mum, and how the degree will help her to fulfil her career aspects.

Returning to Education as a Mum to GSM London

I decided to return to education after the birth of my daughter, who is now six months old. A friend who is a current student recommended GSM London to me and I am due to start my course in September. As I already have a Diploma in Business and Finance I will start at level one.

The Human Resource degree appealed to me as I plan to pursue a career in Human Resources (HR). The management focus of the course will give me an opportunity to learn about every aspect of an organisation – how each department works and the HR focus will, of course, give me an in depth understanding of my chosen field.

Once I finish my degree I hope to work in the banking sector. My long-term aim is to reach management level in five to ten years from now.

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