July 17, 2019

6 reasons to go to university

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It’s a common debate and one that is often exacerbated by political tension. It is therefore hardly surprising that the validity of many of the most common reasons to go to university have been called into question over the last decade.

As purveyors of stellar degree courses, it will come as no surprise to learn that the team here at GSM London are keen advocates of a university education. This is why we have compiled our top six reasons to go to university, whether it be during the forthcoming academic campaign or beyond.

Vocational Qualifications

It is still very much the case that many careers or vocations require a degree qualification, and a good one at that. Whilst many industries have become far more accessible through other means, classic sectors such as medicine, accounting and finance, architecture and law still have an honours degree as the ultimate pre-requisite and many employers will refuse to even consider you unless this is on your CV.

Friends for Life

Of course, your minimum of three years of your life at university are not simply defined by academia. Although this is the primary reason for most people deciding to go away and study for a degree, there is also the fact that you are likely to meet friends you will have for the rest of your life. For many, these will be the circles you will move in for decades to come and without the university experience, you just wouldn’t get exposure to individuals with the same interests and pastimes.


Alongside learning all you need to know about your chosen subject, going away to university also teaches you valuable life skills, ones you may never have needed to develop before now. The thought of leaving home, doing your own washing and shopping and paying bills may sound scary, this experience is invaluable, and you will carry it forward into your future life.

Employability Skills

As we have mentioned, your degree qualification is of paramount importance, but this isn’t all you will learn from your lecturers and tutors. They will also give you priceless insight into your chosen sector and also tips on how you can get noticed and succeed, especially in industries that are somewhat saturated with applicants. Whether it be communication skills, problem solving or working as part of a team, the training you will get at university just can’t be found anywhere else.

Competitive Salary

Now let’s face it, the reason we all train up is to get employed in a sector we care about, but the name of the game is of course to be paid well. Some will tell you that a degree isn’t essential to this, but the fact remains that graduates still earn more than those without a good degree qualification and the options are understandably wider once you start applying for jobs. A degree is not a guarantee of a mammoth salary, but it certainly gives you an edge particularly early in your career.

Do What You Love

We have kind of alluded to this already, but when looking at the good things about university, it’s hard to look past the fact that it allows you to simply do what you love. Whether this is via your time at university or later on in life through your career, the experience unlocks doors and allows you to focus on the areas of academia you are passionate about.

From mature students to those leaving home for the first time and getting their degree when they are young, one of the great things about campus is the range of people all studying the course they love. Other student benefits such as the social scene and the opportunity to study abroad just adds to this and make the university experience unrivalled when it comes to pursuing your goals.

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