June 16, 2019

Private school graduates earn more

A private school tie

A recent study has found that graduates who conducted their secondary school education at a private school earn more than their state school educated peers. The study from the Institute for Fiscal Studies suggests that private school students earn thousands of pounds more upon graduating from university.

The study took into account the findings of over 200,000 graduates who completed their undergraduate business management degree or similar course in 2007, and found that of those questioned there was over a £4,500 pay gap three and half years after graduation. The study took into account the wages of female and male graduates of both state and private schools where the students undertook their A-level exams, and found that privately educated graduates were earning a mean average salary of £28,592 three and half years after finishing university.

The gap between the two groups is slightly less six months after graduation, with state school graduates earning a mean salary of £18,919 and private school graduates earning £21,643. The difference between female and male graduates was of interest, with female private school graduates earning £2,560 less six months after graduation than their male peers according to the BBC.


Image Credit: Simon Shek (flickr.com)


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