June 27, 2019

Nicole’s OSAM experience on her Events Degree at GSM London

Events degree Student Consultant

GSM London Events Management Student at GSM London talks of her experience as a student consultant on her events degree programme.

My name is Nicole and I am one of the student consultants. The meetings I have participated in have left me feeling very positive and excited for the next steps we are going to take together. These have made me feel appreciated and cared for by my tutors. We have been given a great opportunity to work alongside our tutors and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

The visits we go on are extremely beneficial and enjoyable. Attending these visits has left me thinking about what I could do in these spaces as well as sparking conversations and discussions with other students. This is an absolutely huge benefit as we can learn from each other and begin to see things differently, which in the long run can lead to bigger,  better and unique events.

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