February 22, 2019

Meet Foundation Year Programme leader – Paulette Annon

As the Programme leader of the Foundation Year Paulette Annon occupies one of the most important jobs within GSM London.  I managed to catch up with Paulette as she prepared for the new semester.

Programme Leader for Year 0 at GSM London
Programme Leader for Year 0 at GSM London

Spend just a few minutes in the company of Paulette Annon and you can’t fail to be impressed by her passion and obvious enthusiasm for what she does.  Her LinkedIn profile reveals that here is an individual who has championed the interests of students & community groups throughout her career.  So if you are an individual who is returning to education after several years away, it’s good to know that you are in safe hands.

The job of the Programme leader is to monitor the success of the whole programme.  Paulette seeks to get to know personally as many of the students as she can.  Here is someone who is easy to approach and willing to engage with students on a one to one basis as often as she can.  She points out. “I love to work with the many experienced learners that we have here at GSM”.

As you would expect she is very clear on what makes a successful Year 0 student, her advice is clear.  “Make sure that you consistently attend classes.  There is a very clear connection between the level of attendance of a student and academic success.”    As she succinctly points out, “Ten weeks is not a lot of time to attend classes, and poor attendance means poor results.”

Point taken Paulette!  Look out for another interview in our “meet the tutors” series in my next blog.

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