June 24, 2019

GSM London Dean talks to the Telegraph

GSM London is a higher education institution thriving in London at both its Greenford and Greenwich campuses, and despite its young age as an institution, GSM London is already securing a prominent media presence at the forefront of contemporary education. Most recently, the new Dean of Business and Management at GSM London, Rona O’Brien, has been talking to national paper the Telegraph on the modern role of students.

It is a subject that is becoming ever more prominent with the rise in tuition fees that occurred in 2012, seeing many universities start charging their students up to £9,000 a year in tuition costs, as more students start to see themselves as consumers rather than learners. Dean O’Brien disagrees with such a view as she believes students should remain ‘conscious of their role as a learner, as a participant – not just a recipient of a service in return for cash.’

‘In our commercial world’

As students move onto postgraduate executive MBA programs and other such further education, they not only become more responsible for their own learning, but also become more aware of what it is they are paying for. O’Brien states in this Telegraph article, ‘In our commercial world, HE needs to remain something that can’t be bought, where the principle of learning, hard work and personal achievement is kept pristine.’

She is not suggesting that students shouldn’t expect a certain level of quality from their higher education providers, but rather that it is the institutions that should cease treating their students as consumers and instead ‘regain its confidence and identity’ and gain a clear sense of the demands and responsibilities involved in the sector of HE.

As an independent school of higher education, GSM London is driven to offering its students of both undergraduate and postgraduate MBA finance courses in London and other such subjects a dedicated approach to learning in which their students gain a career-focused degree in a supportive learning environment.


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