July 17, 2019

Interesting careers you can access with a Law Degree

We at GSM London understand that law is one of those subjects which touches every aspect of our lives. Whether you’re signing a contract to rent or buy a house, purchasing a car, writing a will or suing someone for damages, the need for highly-educated and well-qualified legal professionals is as strong as ever.

An LLB (Hons) Law degree has always been viewed as a solid qualification to have which is highly respected across a range of industries. With a law degree on your CV you can look forward to a long and successful career in the sector as a solicitor or barrister and even a judge one day.

But you’re not limited to the legal profession – there are lots of surprising careers with a law degree you can have.

What can you do with an LLB Law Degree?

Naturally, once you have a law degree you can go on to take professional qualifications to train as a solicitor or barrister. There are also plenty of other careers within the legal profession that it lends itself to such as barrister’s clerk, paralegal, company secretary, licensed conveyancer and detective or police officer.

It’s also a good degree to have if you want a career in accountancy, the civil service, as a data analyst, in trading standards, human resources or even the stock market.

And then of course, there are the careers you never even thought about…

  • Politics – A law degree is ideal for a career in the civil service but if you don’t fancy working behind the scenes, then it’s also great for a frontline role in government. There are lots of jobs perfect for law graduates, from supporting politicians and ensuring political campaigns stay on the right side of the law to becoming an election agent. You could even end up running for office one day yourself.
  • Journalism – When you study law you have to get used to doing research, reading a lot of dry material, condensing it down and turning it into something more engaging that a lay person could read and understand. It’s not dissimilar to the work of a journalist who has to do exactly the same thing on a daily basis. Journalists work to tight deadlines and often unsociable hours but if you can write well and like the idea of writing stories that really matter, then this could suit you. Media law is also a huge area as well with journalists also needing to make sure what they write isn’t defamatory.
  • The tech industry – The tech industry has exploded and is still growing at a ferocious pace with new apps, technologies and the Internet. Things are changing almost on a daily basis. But such new tech needs to be regulated and to be legal. It’s an exciting industry to be in and a big challenge for anyone with legal training to work with completely new tech and the legal ramifications of that.

Transferable skills

A law degree at GSM London doesn’t just teach you about the law, it equips you with skills which are valuable across many different industries.

You’ll come out of a law degree with strong research and communications skills, the ability to understand complex technical and legal arguments and explain it in plain English, excellent time management skills, analytical skills and the ability to work to deadlines too. All these are things employers really value.

How to apply

You’ll need three A-Level passes (A*-D, equal to 72 UCAS points) or equivalent. If you’re lucky enough to visit GSM London from outside the UK, you’ll also need to take tests to ensure your English is ready for degree-level study.

If you don’t have the right A-levels or equivalent, don’t worry, you could still get on the course by opting to do our foundation year programme. Provided you pass with the required amount of credits you will gain direct entry to the LLB.

Alternatively, you can apply through non-standard entry when you show evidence of previous qualifications, a fully up-to-date CV, a minimum of one year’s work experience and verifiable work experience. This will involve you attending one or two interviews and possibly writing an essay.

To take the first step towards your LLB (Hons) Law degree and interesting career, phone us on 020 3797 4687 or find out more by clicking here.

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