June 19, 2019

Energy Institute membership for students

Employability and connections with the energy industry is a main focus for our Oil and Gas  Department, so creating links with key organisations is vital. An important link that we’ve developed is with the Energy Institute.  The EI is the leading chartered professional membership body for the energy industry, supporting over 19,000 individuals working in or studying energy and 250 companies worldwide.

GSM London, Oil and Gas Lecturer
Baba Sheba

Babawande Sheba, Programme Leader for Oil and Gas explains the link: ‘Our undergraduates (2nd year onwards) and postgraduates have automatic student membership with the institute – which provides them with a number of benefits. These include: use of the online portal, resources, and access to the latest journals and research.  Students can also attend seminars organised by the institute. Importantly, membership provides vital insight into and contacts with the industry and its stakeholders. In fact, the Institute recently employed one of our students.’

This is just another reason why our Oil and Gas programme is one the most popular of its kind in the UK.

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